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Versatile & Comfortable Maternity Wear

Happy Customer PJ Review

Hiiii 🤗 just wanted to let you know that your pj’s saved my life during my hospital stay and now. I’m actually going to order more because with our terrible weather I can’t wash them and now I’m panicking because I don’t want to wear anything else 🤣 so I’ll be ordering more tonight as soon as baby girl is down for her nap xxx

Versatile & Comfortable Maternity Wear

Happy customer

Hi there, I have just received my dress . My word I am so happy with the fit and quality of the dress. I am so happy I have found the most beautiful dress for my baby shower . I will send pics the first week of August. I had the best experience with you, will definitely be purchasing again soon ❤️❤️❤️

R. Ross

Versatile & Comfortable Maternity Wear

Happy customer

I love the feel of fabric which is soft and comfortable. The fit is perfect and I would definitely be buying again.

Sarah Roger

Browse our maternity wear from your favorite collection, add to your basket and make an order in a few clicks.

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No one wants a garment with a limited closet life. At Hannah Grace we ensure that our garments are versatile enough to accommodate a postpartum body as well as breastfeeding moms. Our designs are made with longevity in mind to give you the most value for money. Shop Our Versatile Maternity Clothing Now !

Quality fabric and craftsmanship is put into every garment that leaves our factory. The Hannah Grace label stands for quality you can rely on and trust.<br /> Buy Quality Maternity Clothing Online Now !

Our garments are made with young families in mind. We know how expensive starting and maintaining a family can be so we put our utmost effort into keeping cost to our customer down while maintaining quality. Shop Our Affordable Maternity Clothing Now !

We love being South African and we are a proud South African brand. Every thread that goes into manufacturing your garment is sourced locally including the skill. When you wear Hannah Grace, you can proudly say that you are contributing to building our economy.<br /> Buy Your Maternity Clothing Online With Hannah Grace Today !

Growing a new life inside you is a blessing, and we want to ensure your utmost comfort during this time. Every garment is made to fit comfortably no matter what the occasion. Buy Your Comfortable Pregnant Clothing Online Today !

Helpful Tips & Maternity Essential guides

Have a stress free pregnancy

Hannah Grace Maternity Wear

Many expectant mums face the quandary of what to pack in their hospital bag. The temptation to add loads of cute baby outfits received at baby showers is strong! The reality is that moms pack their bags with baby in mind and very seldom are they thinking of themselves.

The challenges of remaining on trend, comfortable and not breaking the bank, are evident in any woman's wardrobe. Multiply this by two for a pregnant woman. Hannah Grace has coined a few tips to keep you sane during your first trimester:

In October 2017 Hannah Grace had the privilege of being accepted as one of 12 businesses to begin a journey of business and design development, called Threads

Maternity wear should be defined as clothing that adapts to an expectant mothers growing body. This by no means subjects that a pregnant woman should change her taste or love of trends and fashion. On the contrary, this is an opportunity to celebrate the creation of life, and a woman wardrobe should reflect this.

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We thank you for your understanding and patience, we pride our small business on services delivery and we apologize sincerely.
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Please continue to support us during this trying time, every garment you buy supports a breadwinner who makes them.
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